St Mark

Church of Christ
Disciples of Christ

Senior Greeters Ministry

Greet Ye One Another with a Kiss of Charity. I Peter 5:14

Ministry Deacon: Deacon Michael Spriggs

Ministry Trustee: Trustee Fulton Spriggs



Bobby Summers, President

Ethel Hines, Treasurer


Mabel Adams   

Mary Taylor Atkins

Vantina Battle

Camille Bryant

Vicky Bryant

Arnette Cogdell

Jacqueline Dais

Rita Houston

Sharon Johnson

Delores Jones

Gloria Lawrence

Jesse Lewis

Sylvia Lewis

Michele Marks

Gwyn Matthews

Daisy Miller

Israel Reid

Katherine Reid

Annie Shields

Joyce Summers Smith

Montina Swift

Alice Tuten

Willie Valines

Michael White

Leatrice Whitfield

Jacquelyn Whittington

Margaret Williams


We welcome all visitors, members and friends to St. Mark Church of Christ. We show our gift of grace by expressing social warmth and hospitality.  An honest smile and heartfelt handshake given in Christ’s name nourishes guests’ souls and goes a long way in satisfying one of our essential basic needs: human kindness. Human kindness is the ultimate act of Godliness.  It is the most unselfish service we can give to our Lord. A kindhearted greeter and a warm-hearted church is a perfect place to be in the Lord. Be a part of this ministry and let us grow together in Christ.

Being hospitable; being friendly; being cheerful; being positive; and having a servant’s heart are all excellent pathways to serving the Lord.



Updated September 2019